Jumat, 15 Januari 2010

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Honey is Safe for Diabetics

Almost everyone knows he health benefits of honey. Pure honey is safe even for people with diabetes mellitus. High content of fructose in honey helps stimulate the natural production of insulin for diabetes. During this diabetes or diabetes tend to limit the consumption of sugar. No wonder, emerging artificial diets sugar bid to keep blood sugar levels under control. Not many people look at honey for sugar used as replacement options. It is quite reasonable, many chapters have diabetes who feel honey has high sugar content.

Prof. Dr.Aznan Lelo, Sp.FK, PhD, an expert beekeeping products from the Faculty of Medicine, University of North Sumatra, judging that honey can be used as a sugar substitute safe and effective for diabetes. If in case your blood sugar after taking the honey, may be it is not pure honey.

"For diabetes, insulin from the outside is needed to convert sugar into energy. If no insulin, blood sugar levels rise. Honey actually contains fructose, which can stimulate the production of insulin. So very different working principles. Fula require insulin to be energy, while the honey actually spur insulin production naturally, "he explained in a seminar jperlebahan products and their benefits held in Jakarta High Desert.
(source: tabloid Senior No. 384/24-30 November 2006)

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